Four Song Demo

by City of Pieces

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This is a taste of our upcoming vinyl record, due out in early summer.


released March 9, 2015

David Fox,*Paul Shuirman, Doug Hoffman, Karen Holman
* not a member of active band



all rights reserved


City of Pieces Salem, Oregon

This Salem Oregon band is anything but quiet. Shattering conformity into broken bits of guitar down-stroke soaring, bass blitzkrieg yoga, and drum-fu, City of Pieces bring people from every walk of life to enjoy fun & energetic music. From the thrashy and chaotic “Bike Cop” to the playful surf punk “Dogfight”, City of Pieces keeps the crowd engaged and raged with spirit and character! ... more

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Track Name: Reaction
This is my first reaction. My spirit shuts the door. This is the way you found me, and now you ask for something more. This is my first reaction, my first and only chance to rectify. I might just have to keep these words together - together they justify.
This is my first reaction, I understand your scene. But I'm still waiting for the caption that tells me exactly what you mean. This is my first reaction, a fever burning every night. I saw you see right through me, I saw you see right through me.
Track Name: Bike Cop
The light is red, but I don't see any traffic so I don't stop. Around the corner comes a blue shirt - bicycle cop. I don't care because he's slow, and out of shape. I just hammer on the pedals, ain't got no brakes.

Bike Cop, too slow, Bike Cop, go home.

Everyone's annoyed by the blue shirts riding on the walkway. It's a crime for anyone else, those hypocrites. You're in trouble if you don't feel safe riding on the roadway, because the sidewalks are reserved for the blue shirt bicycle cops.
Track Name: Why Don't You Wanna
Why dont you wanna stay up all night
I'm gonna break you
I'm gonna make you
Stay up all night.
Slight your barstool next to mine, we got buckets full of time, to scheme and play and make it last all night. Rob is gonna make our drinks and when we're done youre gonna think this mazing lil town has got it all.
Why dont you wanna stay up all night.
You can sleep when you're dead.
Track Name: Morning Paper
I've been waiting, I've been waiting for solutions. And I've been digging through your garbage trying to find some new conclusions, but when deliberations close and the voice of reason turns to vapors. We'll read all about in the morning, in the morning papers.

The signs say go, but you say no.

I've been waiting, I've been waiting for compassion. I know this isn't easy for you, it's kind of out of fashion. But when the moment strikes and the sensible reaction is exposed, we'll be here waiting patiently when the verdict is disclosed.

I think I'm ready, yes it's time for revolution. I'm not the only one here who's tired of political pollution. So get your good old boys and kindly step aside. Relinquish power to the people, let democracy decide.